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VAT refund for export outside the EU

VAT refund on items intended for export outside the European Union

If you have placed an order on www.designalpino.it, are domiciled or resident outside the European Union and intend to personally export your items outside the EU, you can request a refund of VAT upon presentation of the relative invoice.

To receive a VAT refund:

  1. the total amount of the order must exceed EUR 154.94 (VAT included)
  2. must be purchases for personal use
  3. the items must be transported by you yourself out of the EU within 3 months of receiving them.
  4. Items must be sold by Design Alpino and must be included in one order.

Depending on how you want to export (through a third party agency or through the customs office), there are two different procedures.


If you intend to export the goods through a third-party agency (for example, request a VAT refund before leaving the EU) and receive a refund of the undue VAT directly from this agency, you will need to use the invoice received during the purchase. We remind you that the name and address associated with the payment method used for the order will appear in the invoice header. It will not be possible for us to send invoices made out to names or addresses other than those indicated in your order.


If, on the other hand, you wish to export the goods through the customs office, you can obtain a VAT refund from Design Alpino by following the procedure below and entering the following data BEFORE ISSUING THE INVOICE:

  • Your full name and surname, as shown on your passport
  • The country where your passport was issued
  • Your passport number
  • The expiry date of your passport
  • Your foreign residence address. The domicile or residence must necessarily be abroad. If the country where your passport was issued is different from your country of residence, you will need to provide a copy of a document proving your residence.

Note: The invoice will be addressed to the address associated with the payment method used for the order, which must coincide with the residence address abroad. Also remember that the order must be shipped to Italy; consequently the shipping address of the order must be Italian.

2. Once you receive the invoice from Design Alpino, present it to the customs office to have the visa affixed attesting that your item has left the EU territory.

3. Within four months of receiving the item, send the invoice stamped by the customs office back to Design Alpino by email to info@designalpino.it, in .pdf format or in the original to the following address:
L&M SRL – Alpine Design
Via Valeggio 15/A
Turin (TO), 10128

Once we receive your invoice stamped within the required deadline, Design Alpino will refund the VAT to a bank account held in your name.