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Transport costs relate to the weight of the object, the dimensions, the shipping service, the country of destination and any packaging fees. Upon delivery of the product, the Customer must verify that the number of packages (number of packages) corresponds to that indicated in the transport document and/or invoice, that the package is intact, not damaged or wet, and in any case compliant with the standard features of a package. If upon delivery, the package does not comply with the standards described above, the Customer is obliged to express a written reservation on the DDT, reject the damaged goods and inform Design Alpino. Claims for goods damaged during transport will not be accepted if the user has not formally contested them with the courier.

In cases of return of the goods that are not attributable to defects of the same, the relative shipping and transport costs will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The delivery of the items will take place by an express courier chosen by Design Alpino.

Transport costs are charged to the customer, except in cases otherwise arranged by Design Alpino as shown in the following table:

Italy, islands included Withdrawal on site Any Any Free
Italy, islands included Free shipping Any Over 250€ Free
Italy, islands included Shipping Italy – S 0kg – 10kg Up to 250€ 10,00 €
Italy, islands included Shipping Italy – L 10kg – 30kg Up to 250€ 24,00 €
Italy, islands included Shipping Italy – XL 30kg – 200kg Up to 250€  61,00 €
EU countries Shipping to EU countries Any From 1€ to infinite 30,5€ + 2,44€ for 1 kg over i 10 kg
Non-EU countries Shipping to Extra-EU countries Any From 1€ to infinite 36,6€ + 2,44€ for 1 kg over i 10 kg

Once the goods have been entrusted to the courier, the Customer normally receives them within the following 5 days. working. If production and/or organizational needs prevent compliance with this deadline, Design Alpino has the right to deliver within 10 days. working days from receipt of the order. Design Alpino reserves the right to indicate a delivery term upon order confirmation. If the Customer is not present at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a paper notice, followed, if the e-mail address has been indicated, also by an e-mail. The goods will remain in the branch for a total of 8 days within which the Customer is required to make arrangements for a new delivery. Once the aforementioned eight days have elapsed without the delivery being successful, the goods will be sent back to Design Alpino, and in this case the related expenses will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Delivery is made on the ground floor of the house number indicated in the order; any requests by the Customer for transport to rooms above or below the ground floor must be considered additional services and therefore taxed according to the fees to be assessed depending on the extent of the service.